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If you have installed extra lights and/or use electrically heated apparel that adds extra current requirements; you may not have enough current available for the system to function.

Without a monitoring device (i.e. voltmeter) the first hint of trouble may be too late!

An electrical system that can't supply enough voltage for the system requirements and simultaneously keep the battery charged will leave you stranded.

 The GL1500 does not charge below 1500 RPM; you are running off the battery.

With a WING METER voltmeter you can monitor your charging system and catch a potential problem before it becomes serious.

With a little practice you can learn a lot about your charging system. Such as the amount of current different amounts of lights and/or electric accessories draw and how long you can leave them on and maintain sufficient charge to the battery. Under normal operation if you notice erratic pointer movement or a gradual fall in voltage you have a warning of possible problems. With this warning you should have sufficient time to have the system checked.

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